21 January 2014

Blog Challenge Day 7: Shoes

Unlike Day 6, this post will be any easy one to crank out.

I don't really like shoes.

I enjoy looking at them then briefly imagining where I'd wear them and what with.

But then I walk on and don't give them another thought.

Weather permitting, I am nearly always barefoot.  Or at least I am while at home or a friend's home.

I never wear shoes around the house unless it's the dead of winter.  During that time I wear comfy and extremely warm slippers because my floors are tile with the exception of my bedroom which is wood laminate.  When it's cold, tiles feel like ice.  I don't like walking on ice, barefoot.  Obviously.

A pair of nice sandals are the only shoes I desire because I don't own any.  Other than that, my "collection" is complete. Black pumps, reddish brown pumps, dark brown pumps, navy/grey slingbacks (I wear a LOT of navy blue), tan/bronze vintage reproduction T-straps, black ballet flats, black/green oxfords, and a pair of very nice running shoes.  With the exception of my Asics running shoes, every pair of shoes I've ever owned requires a painful breaking in process, usually with bleeding blisters and skin removed.  Even with traditional bandages, liquid bandage application, moleskin, etc.

If I do move north/northeast instead of due east I'd like a particular pair of tan/brown knee high waterproof and well insulated boots by L.L. Bean.  However, I consider those a practical investment and hopefully by wearing thick socks I can avoid the usual injury to the bony, scarred back of my ankle.
Shoes hurt my feet.  Not wearing shoes does not hurt my feet.  

Shoes?  Not a big fan.  Shoe shopping is right up there with clothes shopping, but is different in that I'm mostly indifferent to shoes and clothes shopping is instead endless frustration.  That's another topic for another day.

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