21 December 2012

Just In Time for Christmas!

It's been a long month or so since my computer screen went on the fritz.  A month of trying to look for a job and run a dog rescue via an iPhone and Kindle Fire was daunting, to say the least.  Somehow I managed to slog through it, complete an adoption and rescue a couple more dogs.  We're currently at a total of 41 pointers rescued since November 2011.  The next several days will be spent on catching up on rescue work, paperwork, and other tedious administrative tasks.  However, I will also be able to catch up on my favourite blogs, TV shows I haven't been able to watch on Hulu, and many other things that when lacking I became increasingly grateful for.

Our Christmas tree!
Although it is not yet Chirstmas, I've already received a number of gifts.  London Fog luggage, a Cath Kidston purse, and a vintage inspired floral quilt from my mother; a really keen bicycle headlamp and tail-light from my brother, homemade baklava & chocolate truffles from my friend S.'s mom (who has become like another mother to me, since I have no family in Tucson), and a 2013 German shorthaired pointer calendar (and some GSP related decals!) from my friend S. in Colorado.

Over the course of my limited internet ability, I've handwritten and outlined posts, as well as taken plenty of photos to share what I've been up to during my second and most recent hiatus (lots of food and dogs, of course!).

Here are a few snapshots of what I have been doing to keep busy: decorating for the holidays and rescuing two more dogs!

Yes, we have icicles in the desert!  (Or at least in my kitchen!)
Watson (#40), an 11 month old English pointer mix. 
Cooper (#41), a 1 year old purebred German shorthaired pointer.