09 October 2013

Not Just the Sky Diving Post

It's almost a quarter after one in the morning and I don't feel like composing my thoughts about skydiving.  Basically it wasn't that fun.  Not scary.  The free fall was awful and seemed to last forever.  Maybe it wouldn't have sucked if I had a full face helmet on like my tandem-pro.  The parachute part wasn't bad, but let's face it.  The middle of the desert doesn't have much in the way of picturesque landscape.  It's mostly brown.  With dots of scrub brush, cacti, & cholla.  There are mountains.  Which are mostly shades of brown.

I feel guilty, but I just didn't enjoy it.  I'm proud of myself that I was able to jump (har har) that far outside my comfort zone.

The best part of sky diving?  Weighing in!  I'm down to 143.  To put that into perspective I have lost 33 lbs. in the past year.  WOOHOO!!

Okay, onto the extras.  Time to reveal secrets.

  1. I like Taylor Swift
  2. I hate the colour red, but I own one item of red clothing because it's a blouse with tiny GSPs on it.
  3. I am blowing off two days in Chicago to meet a good friend, her dogs, and attend a field trial.  Yup.  That's how you rank, Chi-town!  Let's face it: everything comes in second place when it comes to German shorthaired pointers and GSP friends.
  4. I don't skirts that are above the knee and only own skirts that hit just below the knee or a couple inches beyond (which is perfection).  Call me a prude.  I'm really not, but I guess I'm modest.  Part of being a 30 old spinster?
  5. I fixed my garbage disposal tonight.  Without gloves because apparently they have holes in them.  Grody!  But I fixed it, damnit.
  6. I secretly listen to pop music (like, recent stuff) when I am cleaning the house.  I don't even know the names of most of the songs or "artists" except that I always recognize Taylor Swift.  Did I mention that I like her?  It's true; and not just because she's a spokesperson for KEDS (which I LOVE), although that gives her bonus points.
  7. I sometimes decorate my house for Christmas during months which are not December.  Or even near December.  It cheers me up.  So who cares?  (It's a good thing I live alone and the dogs don't care what I do or don't do.)