08 November 2012

The Looming Gloom

5pm, outside my office.  :(

Tonight is Week Five/Day Two of C25K, which I am actually pretty excited about!  Aside from the weather and the fact that I packed a tank top to run in (and will probably freeze the first mile or so) tonight.  Ugh.

There is supposed to be a silver lining, right?  I'm looking...

In other news, my laptop screen is fried which means no viable internet at home aside from my not-that-smart-phone.  It should still be under warranty; I hope I can find the paperwork tonight (I got it right before I moved... which makes the chance of successfully locating it somewhat grim).

Before you think this really is a gloomy post, I have some good news to share!

My dog Lola Lulu starting writing her blog again!  I know, I know... ...I didn't even know she could spell!  But there you have it.  You can check it out here.

Well.... off I go, to run in the rain and hopefully not get shin splints or slip and fall on my ass in front of rush hour traffic.



  1. Good job keeping with your running schedule even though it's rainy and cold where you are! I actually love running in the rain...feels refreshing almost.

  2. Thanks, Joanne! Last night was actually great... the first time I've run in the rain (and thankfully it was warmer than it looked outside) and I agree it was very refreshing! I almost slipped a couple times on uneven pavement, but didn't fall. Which is what counts!