13 November 2012

Not-So-Cool Running

To be frank: the past week (Week Five) of C25K was the absolute worst.  I don't know if I've hit a sort of "running plateau" or if I'm progressing faster than my body can manage.  Every day the times increased, which was without question a challenge.  The first two days I completed the regimens (barely) and while I felt mentally happy to "finish" them, I felt physically awful and so sore that I've given up biking, walking the dogs, etc. because on running days I am too exhausted to do either and on rest days I am too sore to want to exert myself, knowing that I'll have a brutal run the following day and I want to be as ready/rested as possible.

I know part of my inability to finish the 20 minute run last weekend was because I didn't have enough fore-warning to use my inhaler in time, I felt rushed and didn't take the time to stretch beforehand, and it was MUCH colder than I'd anticipated.  I ran the first ten agonizing minutes, then stopped to stretch for 3 minutes, walk for 1 minute, then run for another 6 before I started feeling dizzy and asthmatic.

Truthfully, I do hope that last week was just an exceptionally hard week (I was getting over a cold, at the time) and that this week I finally feel "good" running again.  If not... I'm not sure that I want to risk injury but stubbornly pushing myself to finish the program (or at least finish it on time... stretching it out and using it as a guideline doesn't sound too awful).  I know that if I choose to run less often and increase my times more slowly that R. will be deeply disappointed.  I love running with her and I am so proud that we've come this far together, but at some point I have to balance the physical toll on my body with letting down one of my dearest friends.

I really, really hope that this week is a better one.

Today is only 8 min./5 min./8 min. with 3 min. rests in between.  After Sunday's disappointing run, this sounds a lot more pleasant... I hope I'm right!


  1. Hi sweet Garnet,

    Thank you very much for your lovely comment on my yard sales finds post today. I love Pyrex, too, but really don't have much. It's hard to find the older styles around these parts any more - let alone at good prices, but that's what yard sales are for (or more accurately, the house the promise of affordable Pyrex finds). I'd love to see some of your collection - have you posted here about it before? Likewise, I can hardly wait to see some of your summer yard sale finds, too.

    Wishing you a beautiful Thursday,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Hello, Jessica!

    I always look forward to you lovely comments! They really brighten my day.

    I haven't posted photos of my Pyrex (and other vintage glassware like Fire King, Glasbake, & Federal) yet, but once I get my laptop in working order again I will definitely do so! It's a small collection since there seems to be a drought in Pyrex around here for the past few months. I was hoping to pick up some Christmas coloured pieces before the holiday, but haven't had any luck yet.

    Hope you have had a lovely week and will have a wonderful weekend, as well!

    ~ Garnet