07 November 2012

I Think I'm Hooked!

I just realized that I haven't written much about my journey from woman-trying-to-awkwardly-run to eventual-actual-runner.

Yesterday I ran Week Five/Day One of C25K which entailed three sets of five minute runs, with three minute rest periods in between.  As usual, the first day of a new week strikes fear into my heart when I check the training schedule.  The ramped up running times and rapidly diminishing rest/walking intermissions always seem like too much too soon.

However... yesterday wasn't nearly as rough as I imagined it would be.  While there are definitely days that I enjoy running more than others (and some days I don't want to do it at all), yesterday felt GREAT.  Absolutely great.  There have been only a couple of times since R. and I started C25K that I have so thoroughly enjoyed a run and enjoyed running in general.  I felt so happy and invigorated afterward.  It made last week's miserably toilsome run through Starr Pass worth it, just to get to this point (and to forge ahead!).  I can hardly believe we are over halfway to running a 5k!

Today is a rest day; my idea of "rest" is a 3 mile brisk bike ride to and from work.  Tomorrow and Saturday will finish up Week Five; Sunday is Zumba (which I am trying for the first time... I was too apprehensive to try it when we began running because I didn't think I had the stamina and has horrible visions of myself running out of class then crying outside the dance studio).  Then back to our usual Mon/Wed/Fri or Sat running schedule.  Only four more weeks!  WOW!  6 weeks til our first 5k and 8 weeks to our second!

Even though I should be resting today... I'm so tempted to take Gatsby out for a jog.  Maybe just a short one?  Before bedtime?  We shall see...


  1. Hi dear Garnet, thank you very much for your lovely comment and TV show recommendations today. My mom is a big fan of Murdoch Mysteries, too. It's interesting you, know, I find my pull towards mystery/detective shows comes in phases, and I'm not really in one at the moment (I think I watched too many episodes of Criminal Minds, CSI, and Law & Order a couple of years back and got enough crime drama to last me for the next decade :D), but I'll certainly try to catch a few more episodes (I've seen a couple), as you've both recommended it so highly to me.

    Thanks again & have a beautiful day (and jog, if you head out on one),
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Thank you for your always charming comments, Jessica! Please let me know if you enjoy Murdoch Mysteries. I think you will enjoy the Victorian fashions and design as much as I do; I often find myself looking at the extras and the background details... there are so many interesting details!

    While I fully intended to at least go for a little jog, I ended up cuddling in bed with Gatsby & Porter and watching this week's episodes of "Dancing With the Stars." I am definitely running after work today, though! *gulp* It will be longer than I've ever run before!