03 July 2012

Welcome Back!

What have I been doing for the past four months?  Or is it five?  I don't feel like fact-checking that.  Where do I even begin...?  How about with dogs!  The rescue has rapidly grown since it was founded at a local coffee shop last Guy Fawkes Day (true story).  To date, we (Arizona Bird Dog Rescue) have rescued 31 dogs from shelters, "free dog" ads on Craigslist, and owners who come to us for help rehoming their dog.  In the process, I have adopted my third (and final!) dog, Jack Lemon who is a noble, sweet, & utterly charming 9 year old lemonhead English pointer.

I also got a full-time job, in addition to the full-time job of running a dog rescue.  I have fives times as many bosses as most folks and I love both my job AND my co-workers.  Most of them anyway.  How often does that happen?

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