28 June 2013

Something Fishy

Did you know that one serving of ahi tuna is allegedly only three ounces?  Whoever decreed that probably never ate a nine ounce sesame crusted ahi steak, seared in sesame, oil for dinner.

It was some of the most delicious 800-some calories I've ever consumed in one sitting.  The spring mix with a made-from-scratch-by-yours-truly bright lemony ponzu vinaigrette was a perfect foil for the fishy richness of the tuna.

Hello, my pretty!
33 minutes was the duration of my run/walk with Gatsby.  Nine minutes total running (in three sets); the rest of the time walking briskly, jumping over ledges & benches, and running zig-zag through the trees.

Gats is an excellent running partner: he never gets tired, he matches my pace on locks into that speed like cruise control which keeps me going even when I want to wuss out, and sometimes if it's breezy his ears flap adorably.

The only time he slows down is to try to swerve into every bar or pub we pass... is he my dog or what?!

This is not a photo of me hand feeding Gats a piece of perfectly seared ahi...

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