24 June 2013

Between Chapters

Sporadic is the best word I can use to describe my blog posts over the past several months; writer's block has been a persistent ailment and I'm determined to overcome it... even if it means writing some complete drivel to chip off the rust and flush out the pipes.

That was a terrible analogy.

I really am out of practice.

Between the stress of the dog rescue (5 dogs needing foster homes; no adoptions and every new foster we've had has fallen through... at least half a dozen, total), financial worries, weeks of respiratory illness, and overall exhaustion from 18 months of non-stop chaos it is hard to find the energy or motivation to write, as good as it is for my mind and sanity to creatively express myself.

Yet, their is hopefulness in the midst of all this weightiness.  Things have got to change and changing they are already.  I've applied for what would be very close to a dream job for me, in Michigan about 45 minutes from where my parents and grandparents live.  Hopefully I'll have an answer within the week so that I can give my landlord notice.  My lease is up at the end of July so I will have to give 30 days notice to either vacate or renew my lease.  The idea of a fresh start, even out in the boondocks, sounds exciting and rejuvenating.

I've been reading a lot lately and have gotten better acquainted with my Kindle (and the marvelous things it can do!).  The first 56 Nancy Drew novels will be eating up my spare time for a while, in addition to a complete collection of Antonin Chekhov's short stories and an actual "real" book version of Food Fight by Daniel Imhoff which is describe as a "primer to the US Farm Bill."

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