17 July 2013

First Page of a New Chapter

Several life changes have been brewing for a while now; like most changes they don't transpire overnight but unfold at whichever speed they do.

It goes without saying that I love animals, dogs in particular, and German shorthaired pointers most of all, I have been thinking of ways to expand my participation in the field of animal welfare.  Honestly, I don't want to run a dog rescue forever just like I didn't want to volunteer in the isolation kennels (aka, "sick bay") at my county shelter forever.  The long term high stress, extremes of high and low, and risk of burn out are enormous.

Tonight I sent an email to the Pet VIP therapy dog coordinator at the Southern Arizona Humane Society; my intention is to train Gatsby as a therapy dog and once we are certified to visit the residents of the local veteran's hospital.  Perhaps there are more significant ways to thank them for their service and sacrifices, but this is one way that I am able to show my gratitude and hopefully brighten their day.  Who wouldn't want to see a big, ol' hunting dog with a sweet, crooked grin?

As for my other ideas, aspirations, and daydreams... those will have to wait another day to find expression.
Future therapy dog?


  1. Even looking at Gatsby's photo cheers me up! I think it's a great idea to train Gatsby as a therapy dog.

    1. He certainly has an unforgettable face!

      Sadly the evaluations are this weekend and we are overwhelmingly busy, so we'll have to wait until autumn when the next evaluations take place.