10 January 2013

Welcome to a Typical Day!

This morning I woke up with a great plan.  I would feed the dogs, let them outside, make coffee, and then sit on my new sofa to watch this week's episode of "Castle."

The first two items went off without a hitch and then I made the mistake of checking my Facebook messages before I got up to prepare coffee.  Half asleep and fairly vulnerable to committing compulsive, compassionate acts I saw that I was part of a group message/conversation/what-have-you regarding a very skinny and absolutely adorable orange & white purebred English pointer who was going to be put down at the shelter RIGHT NOW.  Literally.  It was about 7am here in Tucson which meant is was 8am in Ft. Worth, Texas (where the dog is located)... and the shelter starts euthanizing at 7am.  A small group of us put our heads together, found a temp foster (the lady who will be babysitting Victor once he arrives in Dallas from Georgia... more about him later!), contacted the shelter and spoke with shelter volunteers.  He doesn't have a name yet, but he was saved on a wing & a prayer and will be getting out of the shelter tomorrow at noon (CST) when the shelter opens for adoptions.  YES!!  (I know the shelter says "mix" on the photo below but most shelters do that.  He is without doubt a purebred English pointer.)

Around 10am I finally made coffee, heated up leftover tomato-red pepper soup, and reheated the toast I'd made an hour before and entirely forgotten about.  Somewhere around this time I also got word from Southeast GSP Rescue that Victor was safely out of the shelter in Coweta County (yes, more about him later).

11 o'clock this morning marked the most shocking and surprising event of the day, thus far (please, please no more shocks today!).  Yesterday I discovered that both of my bikes, which had been locked to a pole in the carport next to my house (which is set back and not visible from the street), had been stolen and the heavy-duty cable-lock had been severed.  As someone who doesn't own a car, I rely primarily on my bicycle to get around town and being unemployed at present I cannot afford to replace either bike.  Last night, a dog rescue friend offered to loan me a bike until I could get another.  Wonderful!  I was so touched.  Two other friends also offered to give me bikes they weren't using.

So... today she was going to drop off the loaner bike and instead shows up with a BRAND NEW BIKE.  You could have knocked me over with a feather!  I am still a bit in shock.  All I could do was babble, thank her repeatedly, and hug her several times.  Not sure if you can tell from this photo, but it's a beautiful turquoise colour!  (The same colour as my kitchen, my iPhone case, my dining room set, etc.!)  The front wheel is currently hanging out in my kitchen and the frame/rear wheel is locked up inside my side yard (not visible from outside because of the bamboo).  My brother also ordered me a new headlight to replace the one that was stolen.  (My brother is awesome.)
My new bike, Myrna!
I also bought Myrna (doesn't everyone name their bikes?) a present to keep her safe.
...and my day isn't even half over yet!

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