17 January 2013

Oh, January Where Hast Thou Gone?

While I can believe that it's taken me a week to find the time to write another post, what I can't believe is that January is already nearing its end!  I didn't make any formal resolutions for 2013, but I did hope (somewhere in the back of my addled mind) that it would be a successful, happy, productive year and so far I've gotten that in spades.
World's most handsome office assistant: Gatsby!

probably brushed my hair and gotten dress a total of three times.  Most days are spent in front of my computer (laptop on a vintage TV tray), on the sofa, with the dogs as bookends, while trying to coordinate 4 rescues, 3 transports (2 from out of state), and 2 adoptions between messages/comments on Facebook, the rescue email, and texts on my iPhone (plus FB and email there, on the rare moments I escaped from my home office to do exciting things like buy dog food and pick up a cute pair of librarian-esque green loafers).

I feel a bit like I am reneging on my promise to myself that I would only buy garnetscarabin.com for my blog if I kept at it until the end of 2012.  Admittedly, post-layoff from my job, I found it hard to find both the energy and the time to coincide.

Hopefully after weekend my life will slow down just a bit.  Enough to take a breath, do some laundry, drink some tea, and knit while watching Netflix while attending to my responsibilities as the president and director of a dog rescue that has tripled in size during the past year.

Shoes worthy of Nancy Drew.
I'd like to write more about the books I'm reading, food I'm cooking, projects I'm doing around the house, the biggest "secret plan" for this year, and my attempt at remembering that "I'm a Girl!" etc. but the last couple of weeks have really been all about the dogs.  And yoga pants.

This is the nature of rescue; it fluctuates between non-stop chaotic activity interspersed with downtime where almost nothing seems to happen.

Also: check out my next post to meet the four above-mentioned recently rescued dogs!

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