05 September 2012

Daily Gratitude - 5 September, 2012

#1 - My 90 day review which was postponed until next week has been move up to tomorrow! :)

#2 - I had a pumpernickel bagel with hummus for breakfast.  Yum!

#3 - Lots of exciting stuff happening at work in the next few weeks!

#4 - The vintage Nancy Drew cookbook I won on eBay arrived and it's AMAZING. Can't wait to share some of the bizarre recipes here!

#5 - ...and the very best of all: Today marks one year since I picked up a depressed, shut down, and antisocial German shorthaired pointer from the boarding kennel where he had lived for two months.  That dog has changed so much over the past year... yes, I'm talking about my GATSBY!

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