10 September 2012

Daily Gratitude - 10 September, 2012

#1 - I got a free sandwich for lunch today!  Veggie sandwich from Baggin's with no cheese and extra pickles.  Yum!

#2 - I found green tea + blueberry in my desk at work (I thought I was out!).  Enjoying a cup now.

#3 - Today is Meatless Monday and (hopefully) I can convince a friend to come over and enjoy a meat-free dinner!  Now the hard part... what to make?

#4 - The weather is BEAUTIFUL in southern Arizona today!  It's going to be high 80s to low 90s all week... we're sloooooowly cooling down here in the desert.  :)

#5 - Today has been a nonstop busy day at work which means the day is going by quickly.  I can't wait to get home, cook dinner, get some rescue work done, and then relax with my dogs.


  1. How beautiful that you make a point of acknowledging some of the things that transpire in your daily like that you're thankful for. I've always believed that it's better to count one's blessings, instead of their worries (as Bing Crosby sang in White Christmas), and often make similar lists (usually in my head), too.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Thank you kindly, Jessica! I try to do it as a daily exercise (it doesn't always end up posted here if I'm really busy) to stop and take notice of the good things around me, especially in the midst of a busy or stressful day. It helps keep things in a better perspective.

    I'm also trying to make the time to write more substantial posts and get back into the swing of writing again... so these are a start, anyway!

    Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! I thoroughly enjoy reading yours and never miss a post. :)

    ~ Garnet