10 March 2013

Not the Post I Had Planned

The update that I promised and didn't deliver is still not written.  I think I might need another couple of days to continue to decompress and fully grasp what I saw when I spent the evening in the company of friends and dog rescue veterans at a place called the "Dog Patch."  It's a dumping ground for dogs, out in the desert, but it's so much more than that and I wasn't expecting the severity of the impact that the time I spent there had on me.  That is still another post for another day, albeit one this coming week.

Instead I'll shared some photos of my German shorthaired pointer Gatsby who went with me to the Book Fair on the University of Arizona campus today.  I bought him an ear of roasted corn (which he normally LOVES and will steal from the grill if you're not watchful), which he refused to eat until we got home.

He also locked onto a pair of doves on our way home, as you can see by the photo of him on point to the above.  Not the best angle, but it was a solid, intense point.  Good boy!  (Click the photo to see it full sized!)
Gatsby loves corn on the cob.  And the cob itself.  But not the husk.  He spit that right out!


  1. Oh God....am I going to want to really know about this place???? These are the kinds of things that change you...permanently good or bad...you will never be the same....

    Love the point!!! Raw corn? Hmmm.....I know I love it on the grill...:):)

    1. I ended up never getting around to writing that post... the photos are very graphic and deeply saddening.

      He's got a pretty nice point! I wish I trusted him enough to drop the leash and could have shot from a better angle, but oh well.

      The corn was grilled at a booth at the Book Fair. Gats LOVES corn on the corn; he's pretty adept at gnawing the kernels off and not eating the cob.